Mindful Marketer: ft. Ulta Beauty, The Louvre, Lululemon, FP Movement, Publix & more!

Marketing & Wellness

(Unexpected) Brands Are Building Wellness Into Marketing Plans

Brands like Ulta Beauty, Dove and Bumble are integrating wellness into their marketing strategies to enhance customer engagement and loyalty. Brands are adding self-care elements to their products and services to appeal to a wellness-conscious consumer base, recognizing the importance of mental and emotional well-being in today’s market.

“Today, consumer spending on mental-wellness-related products and services, from digital therapy to sleep gadgets to self-improvement retreats, has grown to become a $180.5 billion industry worldwide, according to the Global Wellness Institute. And North America is by far the largest market for mental wellness, accounting for 53% of the global market.”

Olympics & The Louvre

Bit of a Stretch? Louvre to Host Yoga Classes During Paris Olympics

The Louvre Museum in Paris is offering unique yoga and exercise sessions during the 2024 Paris Olympics. This initiative, known as “Run in the Louvre,” invites participants to engage in physical activities like yoga in the museum’s iconic galleries, including the Cour Marly, which houses sculptures from King Louis XIV’s collection. These sessions are part of a broader cultural program designed to integrate art and wellness, promoting physical and mental well-being amid the city’s Olympic festivities​.

Run Clubs & Community

Lululemon Summer Series | Run Miami

The Lululemon Summer Series | Run Miami is a seasonal event series beginning on June 5th for Global Running Day and continuing throughout the summer at various run clubs across Miami. Participants can collect a “Run Miami” passport book and join different running events, such as Global Running Day Miami, The Herd, No Sleeping Running Club, and others. These events are free and open to the public, encouraging community engagement and active lifestyles.

“Thank you for showing up today, not for Global Running Day, not for us, but for YOU.” – Cristina Ramirez, Lululemon Community Foundations Lead.

Connecting & Building Community

FP Movement Community Wellness Program

Free People FP Movement has built a wellness community through their events and loyalty program. They provide access to workout videos, inspirational stories, wellness tips, and in-person events. In cities like Austin, Boulder, Charleston, Chicago, DC, DFW, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Scottsdale, you can attend events featuring brand perks and goodies. This initiative offers a support system to their consumers pursuing a healthy lifestyle, fostering a sense of community and connection with like-minded individuals.

For more details, visit the page here.

Inspiration & Brand Authenticity

Publix Gets Personal and Shares Employees’ Running Journey

On June 5th – Global Running Day, Publix shared on Instagram a post about Cashier Ronnie from Atlanta’s incredible running journey. Sharing his story about his races across all 50 states and 7 continents, serves as an inspiration, while his long-term relationships with customers emphasize Publix’s community values.

“Throughout my 25-year Publix career, I have gotten to know so many customers and have seen a lot of them grow up from children to adults,” Ronnie said. “I equate Publix to family, and my family includes my coworkers and customers.”

This post effectively promotes Publix’s brand values and dedication to celebrating its employees’ unique stories.

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