Upcoming Events

Strengthen your body and de-stress performing a series of movements in a slow, focused manner accompanied by deep breathing.
Join us practicing this form of yoga that will deepen your flexibility and increase your range of motion.


Virtual events


A series of events that will help make everyday people’s lives better, by offering inspiring, innovative, exciting and practical tools for a balanced mind and body, and a healthier connection with yourself and others. Follow us on instagram for upcoming events announcements!


Weekly or monthly, turnkey events featuring physical challenges, speakers and demonstrations for the body and mind, with the objective of increasing awareness, improving people’s health and creating a wellness community.


Pop-up events throughout the city hosted by Mind Body Social and its partners. Engaging, fun experiences at unexpected locations. From bubble-soccer games to singles-sweat-socialize boot camps, zumbaflash-mobs at the park, and rooftop sunset meditation at the office.