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Wellness & Trends

From AI to Gen Z: Wellness and Fitness Trends for 2024

The increase of wellness trends has been consistent year after year, and there are no indications of this momentum slowing down. Polar has predicted trends from dance workouts to holistic fitness and AI personalized routines.

In 2024, we’re going to be seeing more integration of physical, mental and social health, and how personalized experiences enhance overall fitness journeys.

Community & Events

Walmart and Andy Cohen Team Up for Drama-Free Quitters Day Campaign

Andy Cohen, in collaboration with Walmart’s campaign “Save Your Resolutions,” urges people to resist the downfall of Quitters Day, occurring on the second Friday of January when New Year’s resolutions often come to an end. The campaign, running on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Pandora, aims to connect with customers and aligns with Walmart’s strategy of integrating the brand into cultural moments.

“One of the things that we talk about as a marketing organization is this notion of ‘putting the brand in the culture and the culture in the brand,’ and you can see that reflected in the work that we’ve put out in the past year,”  David Hartman, vp, creative for Walmart, told Adweek.

Community & Events

Using Experiential Marketing to Drive Record-Breaking Sales

“There’s nothing like meeting [your customers] face to face,” Noelle Cantarano, VP of Marketing at Future Beauty Labs, told BeautyMatter.

BeautyMatter discusses the impact of experiential marketing on driving sales, emphasizing the importance of creating immersive and memorable brand experiences to connect with consumers on a deeper level.

Future Beauty Labs, hosted three events that resonated with Gen Z, millennial consumers, and influencers, that generated some impressive results: Isle of Paradise sales increased 124% at Sephora event locations, Tanologist social engagement increased 297%, and Byoma hit a record-breaking sales week at Target and is now listed as the top 10 skincare brand at the retailer.

Creators & Mental Health

Disconnect To Reconnect @ Meta 2023

Carly Lynn, Meta’s Lifestyle & Wellness Partnership Lead, shares her experience at this past December’s “Disconnect to Reconnect.

Attendees, primarily creators, gathered to slow down, forge connections, establish new friendships, and recharge in the midst of the holiday season. The morning included an insightful interview with mental health educator and author Mina B. and a manifestation exercise, “Dear Future Self,” led by international best-selling author Amber Rae. Overall, the event was a reminder to prioritize regular disconnection in the year 2024.

Marketing & Self-Care

Hydrafacial’s Marketing Revolution

This Chief Marketer article dives into the wellness-driven marketing strategies employed by Amy Juaristi, the BeautyHealth Chief Marketing Officer, exploring the evolution of their approach, particularly in promoting HydraFacials. Producing events like their 50-city GLOWvolution pop-up, featuring a full day of treatments, yoga and other wellness-focused activities for influencers, media, providers and consumers.

The CMO emphasizes the importance of integrating wellness into the brand narrative, fostering a sense of community and connection among consumers.

Well-Being & Nutrition

Power of Health & Well-Being 2023

The Food Industry Association has released the 2023 report on the Power of Health and Well-Being. This report explores new angles on consumer health and well-being perspectives and shares key insights.

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