Mindful Marketer: ft Michelob Ultra, Maybelline, Dove, Nike, Sun Bum & more!

Lifestyle & Fitness

Michelob Ultra Took Its Workout Show on the Road

Michelob Ultra’s “Movement Live” made a comeback this summer with a unique multi-city workout tour, in collaboration with Live Nation and Rumble Boxing.

The tour featured a series of fitness events and concerts across several cities, combining music and exercise experiences to engage consumers in a healthy and active lifestyle.

“At Michelob Ultra, we believe that “it’s only worth it if you enjoy it,” said Ricardo Marques, VP of marketing at Michelob Ultra.

Beauty & Wellness


Maybelline’s “Brave Together” is a global initiative focused on anxiety and depression, providing support and resources for those in need.

In partnership with mental health experts and non-profit organizations like NAMI, the JED Foundation, and Crisis Textline, they offer tools, advice, and a supportive community to help those struggling.

“Maybelline has always believed in the power of making things happen in your life, and we know that mental health is critical in feeling ready to do that.” -Trisha Ayyagari, Maybelline Global Brand President

Sports & Junior Athletes

45% of Girls Drop Out of Sports by Age 14. Dove and Nike Are Teaming Up To Change That.

The two brands have come together to launch the “Body Confident Sport” coaching program, a free online platform that gives coaches the tools they need to instill confidence in their young female athletes.

“Globally, girls face complex cultural and social barriers, and they also enter sports later and drop out of sports earlier. Our partnership with Dove and unique focus on coaching through body confidence aims to change that,” Vanessa Garcia-Brito, Nike’s chief social and community impact officer.

Food & Beverage

Nestlé Vows to Increase Sales of Healthier Foods by 2030

Nestle aims to address rising consumer demand for nutritious products and reduce the impact of unhealthy offerings in its portfolio.

They have pledged to boost the sales of healthier food and beverages by 20% by 2030 as part of their ongoing commitment to improve public health.

Kids & Self Care

5 Tips for Hosting a Kid-Friendly Event From Sun Bum’s Art Experience

Recently, personal care brand Sun Bum launched a new kids SPF collection. They hosted a two-day event at its headquarters in California, to celebrate the winners of their first-ever Kids Rule Art Contest.

Read the full article for five tips on how to host a successful kids event from their experience.

Consumer Insights

5 Tips foThe Intersection of Beauty and Wellness

In a recent study by NielsenIQ, we’ve learned that consumer mindset has shifted towards prioritizing both looking and feeling great.

Wellness-focused shoppers seek products that align with their health goals, creating opportunities for beauty brands to redefine their positioning and explore new product categories.

Health & Consumers

Wellness Education Programs Give Grocers a Competitive Edge

Progressive Grocer has reported that grocery stores have transformed into holistic wellness hubs, with shoppers turning to registered dietitians, in-store pharmacies, and their primary food store for health advice, according to FMI’s 2022 report.

Retailers can gain a competitive edge by offering wellness programs that incorporate exercise, whether through physical therapists, virtual fitness videos, or group fitness classes, to promote healthier lifestyles and engagement.

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