Mindful Marketer: ft. Gen Z Scoop, Chiquita Banana, Bumble, Airbnb, Lexus, & more!

Brands & Community

Gen Z Broke The Marketing Funnel

Many Gen Z customers expect more than just a product from brands; they seek a sense of belonging and community. According to Archrival, 54% of Gen Zs prefer brands that make them feel like they’re part of a community. Essentially, brands considered “cool” are those that go beyond product offerings to engage this generation.

Companies such as Madhappy, Refy, and Rhode not only offer their products but also foster community by organizing in-person events and providing resources for mental health support.

“Our hope has always been to create a brand that goes deeper than something transactional. We believe that the beauty of Madhappy is the ideology, the embrace of a shared perspective and a way of looking at the world,” says founder Peiman Raf.

Main takeaway: “Brands need to be where the people are: traversing the infinite loop of inspiration, exploration, community and loyalty.”.

Marketing & Events

National Banana Chiquita Day

For National Banana Day, Chiquita Bananas seized the opportunity to make the day all about their brand. They celebrated alongside the Miami community with a vibrant event in Wynwood, featuring live DJ sets, local mural painting, a banana-themed food truck, dance classes, fitness sessions, and giveaways. This event was a fantastic opportunity for the brand and consumers to come together, creating a deeper sense of community.

“As the leading brand in the banana industry, it’s fitting for Chiquita to claim this day! Our mission is to infuse every day with happy and healthy energy, mirroring the essence of our brand and our iconic Chiquita Yellow,” said Juliana Furlan, Chief Marketing Officer for Chiquita North America.

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Dating & Community

Introducing Bumble IRL, a Series of Exclusive, In-Person Events Just for Our Community

Dating app Bumble has introduced IRL events to their members and have partnered with organizations and businesses like Live Nation, SoulCycle, Topgolf, and James Beard Foundation to bring Bumblers new experiences. From happy hours to fitness classes and everything in between, their events offer the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded people in your community. Dating can be exciting, especially when members have the chance to connect face-to-face at events in their city.

Travel & Experience

Airbnb ~Wellness~ Experience

Airbnb’s latest “Wellness Experience” taps into the rising trend of wellness tourism, offering curated experiences that prioritize health & well-being. Through this strategic move, Airbnb not only meets the evolving demands of travelers but also positions itself as a leader in the wellness travel sector. These experiences not only promote relaxation and mindfulness but also give back to consumers by providing transformative moments of self-care.

Co-Workers & Well-being

39th Annual Lexus Corporate Run Back in Miami as Runners Hit The Streets. Take A Look

Last week, South Florida’s largest office party took place, aka the Lexus Corporate Run. As one of the largest corporate runs in the US, this event brings together companies and employees from across the nation for a night of community and healthy competition. With major sponsors like Lexus, Delta, Miami Herald, and Ascendo, the run amplifies the power of corporate partnerships in promoting wellness and teamwork. Each year, thousands of participants lace up their running shoes to represent their companies, fostering a sense of community and unity among corporations of all sizes.

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