Mindful Marketer & MBS 2023 Wrapped

Before jumping into our usual programming, we wanted to thank you for sticking around, and hopefully, finding inspiration like we do in discovering how brands are integrating wellness into their marketing strategies.

If you missed any, visit our archive link at the bottom of this post, where you can find insights from Unilever, Target, Spotify, Dove, Hershey’s, Sephora, Vita Coco, Maybelline, Nike, Nielsen IQ, Forbes, and many more.

We’d also like to thank all of our 2023 partners, especially Ikea, Estée Lauder, The Related Group, Baptist Health, and Publix. Alongside them, Mind Body Social was able to continue to grow event participants by more than 300%, while also expanding to new territories including: Central & North Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, & Tennessee! Making this our strongest year to date.

Among the many series & programs we are grateful for:

  • MBS Sweat: a series of custom product sampling & enhanced wellness experiences.
  • Retail real estate marketing & weekly event series: Sawgrass Village at
  • Ponte Vedra (Jacksonville, FL).
  • School programs in Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.
  • Private VIP custom experiences for The Related Group, Estée Lauder, etc.
  • Baptist Health Fit Festival: grow from 1 event in 2022 and 3 in 2023, to 5 in 2024!
  • Community event series, business defense initiatives, and sponsorship activations.
  • Production, management, and activation of custom-branded event assets including converting a shipping container into an immersive, one-of-a-kind interactive experience to support the new partnership by Publix and the Florida Panthers (NHL).

For additional information, case studies or to simply start a conversation, email us!

Wishing you and your loved ones an amazing holiday season!

Here is our last compilation of stories for the year:

Art & Wellness

Wellness Events Take Over Art Basel Week

Hotels, artists, local brands, and others, partnered up for this year’s Art Basel to offer self-care and wellness in the midst of an exciting, yet hectic week. From wellness festivals to mocktails and art, here are some of the events that stood out to us:

  • The Wellness Oasis – An event at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach, organized and produced by 4B Advisory, a firm dedicated to creating measurable impact in mental health and wellness, partnered with The Standard Spa and Nômade People. The activation aimed to elevate Miami Art Week by providing attendees with a holistic retreat for the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Morning Wellness with Alo Yoga Alo Yoga brought mindful movement to Basel week with yoga and sound baths to SCOPE Miami Beach, as their official wellness partner. Alo, known for mind-body wellness, eco-friendly products, clean beauty, and thousands of fitness classes on Alo Moves, actively engages with their community by hosting exciting pop-up events.
  • Art Meets Wellness– Creatives got together at SHIFT for immersive sound healing, art, and conversations with local wellness experts at Miami Art Basel featuring specialty teas from ADMARI TEA and plant-based mocktails by LITTLE SAINTS.

Lifestyle & Well-Being

Grocery Shopping For Mental Well-Being and Mindfulness

Discover the evolving connection between grocery shopping and mental wellness in this Progressive Grocer feature. Dive into how shoppers are embracing mindfulness during their grocery trips, making it a self-care experience. Retailers have been adapting to cater to this wellness trend, offering a more calming and mindful shopping environment for your wellbeing.

“In 2021, Whole Foods Market and the meditation app Headspace offered tools to help promote shoppers’ overall well-being. Tools included a social media-based recipe series called Food for Mood; meditations focused on mindful shopping, cooking and eating.”

Wellness & Community

How Wellness Brands Can Build Community

In this Forbes article, we learn how people in a community who are on the same path often connect others to new ideas and experiences that could make a big impact. They are seeking connections with others who share their health and wellness goals and are looking to brands that can help facilitate these connections.

Brands that can create a sense of community around their products and services will be well-positioned to succeed in the marketplace.

Brand tip: This attachment and loyalty can translate into increased brand support and loyal members who are willing to pay for your product or service and even recommend your company to others. They are also likely to continue to use your products and services since they are associated with their community and the positive feelings of connection and belonging that come with it.

Teens & Mental Health

#LightenTheLoad with Jansport

Jansport’s #LightenTheLoad is a mental health wellness mission. This campaign encourages open conversations about mental health struggles and aims to destigmatize seeking help.

“More than 7 out of 10 young people say mental health issues are weighing them down.”

The campaign focuses on sharing personal stories, tips for managing stress, and resources for mental health support through partnerships with organizations such as NAMI to provide valuable information and support to their community.

Gen Z & Self-Care

Gen Z And Mental Health In The U.S.

Explore the fascinating Ogilvy report focusing on Gen Z’s mental health in the US. This study goes deep into Generation Z’s mental landscape, unpacks their challenges, worries, and perspectives on overall well-being. Check out these eye-opening insights that prompt reflection and learnings for brands, consumers, and marketers.

“GEN Z’S EXPECTATIONS CALLS FOR CHANGE. Gen Z doesn’t just care about mental health empathy and investment at a personal level — they expect it from peers, brands, employers, and cultural leaders.”

Missed a story from a previous newsletter? Visit our archive here!

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